futp 60 students

The local Philadelphia FOX television affiliate and one of its morning news show hosts was there. As was Swoop, the Philadelphia Eagles mascot. So too was a local dairy farmer from DarkHorse Farms, just up the road in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

But the guests who left perhaps the biggest impression were the students of Yardley, Pennsylvania’s Edgewood Elementary School. They filed from each grade and classroom into the school gymnasium to run around during fun activities, play trivia games and enjoy healthy dairy snacks like cheese, yogurt and, of course, milk.

This all was to celebrate the Pennsbury School District’s Fuel Up to Play 60 Kickoff for the new school year.

After the celebration festivities, three very special guests — Fuel Up to Play 60 students Katie, Madison and Zack, all of whom are in 5th grade — spoke with us about their favorite program memories, moments and lessons, all in their own words.

Why did you originally want to join Fuel Up to Play 60?

Katie: I just knew there were going to be a lot of fun activities to take part in with exercise and running around, so I wanted to be a part of that. Then there was the breakfast part where we could come down before class and have really good breakfasts with milk and yogurt and smoothies. I wanted to be a part it.

Madison: I liked the activities, too. I heard we could go to the Fuel Up to Play 60 Summit and meet other kids and participate in fun activities there. And for breakfast, we could come down to our Grab and Go cart and grab milk and yogurt and take it up to our rooms to eat before class starts.

Zack: I heard it could help us eat healthier foods and I really liked that. I wanted to learn more about that, especially with breakfast and milk. So, it’s been really good for that.

What is your favorite thing about Fuel up to Play 60?

Katie: Our morning activities are really fun. We get to come down to the gym or outside and run around and play games. And then get our milk and healthy breakfast.

Madison: With Fuel Up to Play 60, we get to do so many fun activities and learn so many fun things together here with our friends. That’s what I really like about it.

Zack: My favorite thing with Fuel Up to Play 60 is the breakfasts we get. The parfaits and the smoothies are really good, and we can get them before class.

What is your favorite Fuel Up to Play 60 memory so far?

Katie: Before the end of school last year, we got to go down to the NovaCare Complex (the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice facility) and we got to run around on the practice field for the day and meet players. It was our reward because we were named a Touchdown School. Then we had a really good lunch there, too.

Madison: It was really fun being at NovaCare with the Eagles last year. We had a lot of fun there. And when we were there, we did a taste test of new yogurt parfaits during lunch. They were really good!

Zack: I really like the time we get in the basketball court before class and before breakfast. We can run around down here and then grab breakfast. It’s really fun!

What is your favorite snack to fuel up with?

Katie: I really like the strawberry smoothies. They’re my favorite!

Madison: The yogurt parfaits are yummy!

Zack: I like the smoothies, too — every flavor!