Looking for something to do in the heart of winter? Fight off the winter blues at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, the nation’s largest indoor agricultural expo and Pennsylvania’s State Fair.  The mid-winter celebration starts on Saturday, January 7 and runs daily through Saturday, January 14, at the Pa. Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pa.

Pennsylvania ranks 8th in the United States for total milk production and the 5,200 dairy farm families across the commonwealth work hard to care for their cows and be good stewards of the land.

This year’s theme, Rooted in Progress, honors the deep roots of agriculture in Pennsylvania’s heritage, as well as the significant updates and pivots farmers and their families have made, and continue to make, to grow and adapt as markets, consumers, climate, and resources change.

About the Butter Sculpture

We cannot tell you what this year’s butter sculpture is going to be. That would spoil the fun! What we can tell you is that the 32nd Butter Sculpture is being created by sculptors Jim Victor and Marie Pelton and will be unveiled on January 5. You can see it in person on January 7!

The 1,000 pounds of butter used for carving the butter sculpture is donated by the Land O’Lakes plant in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

As the sculptors work to shape the butter into the sculpture, the butter sculpture case is at about 55-degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is lowered once the sculpture is completed to preserve it for the entirety of the Show.

After the Show, the butter is put to good use. Dairy farmers try to recycle pretty much everything they possibly can. Much like the New York State Fair butter sculpture is recycled from Butter to BTUs, the Pennsylvania butter sculpture will be turned into renewable energy at Reinford Farm in Juniata County. Once it arrives on the farm, the butter will be placed in the farm’s methane digester, which converts manure and food waste into energy that helps power the farm.

Take a look back at the 2022 Butter Sculpture in the video below.

About the Calving Corner Dairy Farmers

The Calving Corner exhibit is where you can witness the miracle of birth. Four Pennsylvania dairy farm families are bringing their cows to participate in this year’s exhibit. We invite you to stop by and meet the dairy farmers who care for these animals throughout the year.

Cedar Pine Farms – The Rotz Family

Located in Franklin and Adams counties, Milton Rotz, his wife Stacey, and their son Dylan operate Cedar Pine Farms, which was started by Milton’s grandfather in the 1940s.

To ensure high quality milk, the Rotz family and their dedicated team are committed to providing clean water, nutritious feed, and comfortable housing for their 1,200 cows. Cedar Pine Farms’ recent expansions provide opportunities for the fourth generation to join the family business.

Milk from Cedar Pine Farms cows is found in Rutter’s Milk, Land O’Lakes butter and cheese, and Maola dairy products.

Zugstead Farm – The Zug Family

In 1979, Dina and Art Zug returned to Dina’s home farm in Juniata County to begin Zugstead Farm. Their sons, Joe and Dan, now oversee the daily operations with assistance from Art, Dina, their sister Leslie, and a team of wonderful employees. Each of the 750 cows comes first at Zugstead.

The Zugs’ focus is on providing the highest quality of care to their calves, heifers, and cows. That means providing nutritious feed and clean water in a calm, comfortable, clean environment and utilizing the highest standards of treatment and care. The farm and the cows are the Zugs’ livelihood and legacy. They strive to produce high quality milk by being the best caretakers possible.

Milk from Zugstead Farm is found in fresh Land O’Lakes dairy products.

S&A Kreider and Sons – The Kreider Family

A modern dairy farm located in Lancaster County, S & A Kreider and Sons began in 1918 and is now owned by the third and fourth generations of the Kreider family: Ellis, Nathan, Nick, Scott, and Herb.

To ensure that each of their 1,800 Holstein cows are well cared for, S & A Kreider and Sons relies on a team of great employees, including 15 family members! All the crops needed to feed their cows are grown on the farm. To be good stewards of the land, an on-farm methane digester converts manure and methane gas into electricity to power the farm and recycled solids are used for bedding.

Proud member-owners of Land O’Lakes, S&A Kreider and Sons’ milk is found in TruMoo chocolate milk and Land O’Lakes dairy products.

Furnace Hill Holsteins – The Krall and Heistand Families

Joel Krall and his family operate Furnace Hill Holsteins on the Lebanon County farm started by his parents, Tom and Shirley Krall.  Elite genetics, comfortable and contented cows, and dedicated employees are the keys to success for Furnace Hill Holsteins.  One of these key employees is Justin Heistand, who manages the Elizabethtown herd of Furnace Hill Holsteins.

The Kralls, the Heistands, their families and their team strive to be the best caretakers possible of their cows and land by utilizing conservation methods to ensure high quality feed for their 450 cows. The farm and the cows are livelihood and legacy for the families of Furnace Hill Holsteins – Joel and Justin agree it is a great place to raise a family.

Milk from Furnace Hill Holsteins is found in fresh Land O’Lakes dairy products.

The Undeniably Dairy Shake Off!

Join the fun and fanfare at the Undeniably Dairy Shake-Off milkshake contest! Celebrity teams will compete to win the Undeniably Dairy trophy on Saturday, January 14 at 1 p.m. on the Culinary Connection stage. Their creations will be judged on overall flavor, originality of the recipes, appearance and even the name of the shake! May the best team win!

four decorative milkshakes

Fill a Glass with Hope®

In 2023, Fill a Glass with Hope®, the charitable fresh milk-distribution program and fundraising campaign will launch on Friday, January 6 at 11 a.m. at the Dairymen’s Food Court stand at the PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center. Learn more about Fill a Glass with Hope® and help make a difference in your community with a donation.

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