An illustration depicting a stethoscope alongside a medical chart bearing the text "Heart-Healthy Diet".

About the Webinar

Dietary advice on fat—particularly saturated fat—seems to change daily. This can be disconcerting and confusing for consumers as well as healthcare providers. Current research suggests that total fat is not a risk factor of heart disease. This webinar provides scientific, evidence-based research about this nutrient, and gives practical guidance on how to include whole-fat dairy in a heart-healthy diet.


  1. Explain the saturated fat guidance according to the current dietary guidelines and whether all types increase health risks, or if risk is dependent upon which foods saturated fat comes from.
  2. Understand the latest research around whole-fat dairy versus low-fat dairy and its contribution to heart-health.
  3. Communicate how to include whole-fat dairy in balanced eating patterns to patients through culinary applications of dairy as a single food group and in recipe development.

Recap Video

Benefits of Saturated Fat in the Diet


Heart Healthy Diet Rally Webinar


Credits provided by New Jersey American Academy of Pediatrics and New Jersey Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics