Dietary advice on fat—particularly saturated fat—seems to change daily. This can be disconcerting and confusing for consumers as well as healthcare providers. Current research suggests that total fat is not a risk factor of heart disease. This talk will provide scientific, evidence-based research about this nutrient, and give practical guidance on how to include whole-fat dairy in a heart-healthy diet.

After the session participants will:

  • Explain the saturated fat guidance according to the current dietary guidelines and whether all types increase health risks, or if risk is dependent upon which foods saturated fat comes from.
  • Understand the latest research around whole-fat dairy versus low-fat dairy and its contribution to heart-health.
  • Communicate how to include whole-fat dairy in balanced eating patterns to patients through culinary applications of dairy as a single food group and in recipe development.

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Heart-Healthy Rally Webinar Slide Deck
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Credits provided by New Jersey American Academy of Pediatrics and New Jersey Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

1.0 CME pending | 1.0 CPEU pending