Ar-Joy Farms, Cochranville, PA

The following guest editorial written by Pennsylvania dairy farmer, Marilyn Hershey was originally published at PennLive on July 7th, 2017.  Click here for the full article!

Nut, plant-based drinks aren’t a substitute for real dairy: Opinion

I’ve learned first-hand that having a prominent name can lead people to make certain assumptions about you.

When I married into the Hershey family in 1984, some of my friends assumed I had struck the chocolate jackpot.

I had to explain that while Hershey is certainly a renowned and respected name in Pennsylvania, there are many Hersheys who have no ties to the descendants of Milton Hershey or his candy brand.

Such is the case for my husband, Duane. We both still have occasions where we explain that being a Hershey is not synonymous with being one of the Hershey family.

This confusion is doubly ironic for us, because of what we actually do: run a family dairy farm in Cochranville, where one of the biggest challenges we’re facing now is a different set of misplaced assumptions.

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Bonus – watch as local food bank employees visit Ar-Joy Farms to learn about dairy production: