It’s been more than a year.

It feels like more, but it has been about 15 months since the world changed and a deadly virus began spreading through our communities. From illness and death to job loss and hunger, Covid-19 has left destruction in its wake.

But, like so many other times in our history, we got a chance to see the best of people in the worst of times. From doctors and nurses to teachers and grocery store clerks; and, from delivery drivers and school nutrition staffs to first responders and vaccinators, we have gotten through the past year stronger together.

However, as nearly 42 million people in America experience food insecurity, we are also thankful for those who get fresh, nutritious food into the hands of our neighbors in need. From food bank volunteers to farmers, many have stepped up to nourish their communities. In fact, in the last year, ADA North East and local dairy farmers have helped to facilitate the distribution of more than 970,000 gallons of fresh milk and more than 1 million pounds of dairy food to communities across our region. Milk was either purchased through USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program government-funded grants, the Nourish New York state-funded program or donations from Dairy Farmers of America.

Dairy farmers across the North East have been incredible supporters of and volunteers at the hundreds of milk distribution events we’ve helped to organize. With 95% of dairy farms family owned, it’s no surprise that local farmers have given countless hours to ensuring their neighbors had access to fresh, nutritious milk in their time of need.

Because of their commitment to the community, local dairy farmers and ADA North East have helped support and nourish nearly a half million families since the beginning of the pandemic.

More Dairy Farmers in Action

Local dairy farmers have also given their time to produce entertaining and educational videos for kids who have not been able to enjoy their typical school schedule.

In the last year, our kid-focused Fun on the Farm video series shared what life is like on more than 20 dairy farms and surpassed 3.5 million views. This would not have been possible without the time and commitment from our farmers. Go back and enjoy season 1 and season 2 of Fun on the Farm!

Now, we have more farmers telling their stories on our This American Dairy Farmer video series.