Have you ever seen bottles or boxes of milk on the grocery store shelves, unrefrigerated, and wondered if it was real milk? Aseptic milk is a relatively new concept in the U.S., where our cold supply chain for dairy products is efficient and unrivaled in the world – but cow’s milk that needs no refrigeration is still 100% real, nutritious milk.

Aseptic milk is processed using ultra-high temperature pasteurization, which kills any harmful bacteria in the milk and then it is bottled immediately in a sterile environment into special packaging that prevents any air reaching it. This procedure makes the milk shelf stable.

This sterile environment, coupled with ultra-high temperature pasteurization, creates fresh milk that can be stored unrefrigerated for many months and still taste delicious when it is opened later.

Like traditional pasteurization, the process for shelf-stable milk still preserves all the nutrients in milk and maintains the taste too.

After Opening

Once you open your shelf-stable milk, it will need to be refrigerated right away. In fact, we recommend refrigerating it for a few hours before opening so your milk is delicious and cold! Aseptic milk is best enjoyed within 7 days of opening.

We love shelf stable milk because it lets us store milk until we are ready to use it. Plus, it often comes in smaller containers that help ensure no milk is wasted.