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Bishop Family

Farmers in Doylestown, PA

Bishop Family

Ensenada Holsteins

Family Members: Dave and Sharon Bishop and their son, Josh, who is a partner in the farm operation. Daughter Nicole Bahnck, her husband Brian, and their daughter, Anna, also support the farm.

Number of Milking Cows: 104

How long have you been involved in dairy farming?

We have been farming together for 32 years, and our children mark the fifth generation on this farm.

What inspired you to become a dairy farmer?

This farm has been a part of Dave’s life and many generations before him. He loves being his own boss and working outside and around the cows. Both of our children grew to love the cows through 4-H and growing up being a part of the farm. We all enjoy working as a family on this farm.

What’s your favorite part about being a dairy farmer?

Dave and Josh’s favorite part is producing quality milk and in raising high-quality dairy cows. Dave likes the challenge of creating feed rations for the cows and Josh likes the genetic side of the dairy cows.

Share your favorite farm family memory.

We all agree that we have many good memories, but our favorite is when we recently traveled to Select Sires in Plains, Ohio, to see our bull, Planet (photo above). We hadn’t seen him since we sent him to Select Sires 10 years ago to be used for breeding purposes. Planet has been a real blessing to us as he helped put our name out there (in the dairy industry) for future marketing. It was a great time with our family and extended family and a great memory for all.

Questions answered by Sharon Bishop.