Virtual Farm Tour

Have you ever wondered how milk is produced? Or how long it takes for milk to get from farm to table?

American Dairy Association North East invites your classroom on a LIVE Virtual Farm Tour to a Dairy Farm!

What is a Virtual Farm Tour?

Our Virtual Farm Tours connect you directly with a real modern dairy farm for a live video tour and chat with a farmer, without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Using video chat technology, you will get a peek at barns, cows and more as they see and learn firsthand how dairy farmers care for their cows, the land, and produce delicious milk for you to enjoy.

How to Participate?

Due to current events our LIVE 2020 Spring Virtual Farm Tours will not be held. We look forward to hosting Live Virtual Farm Tours again soon. In the meantime, we have many Virtual Farm Tour recordings and other educational resources for teachers and parents to use for in-home learning. These resources are listed below.

Virtual Farm Tour Recordings

• Pre K-3rd grade tour - Dutch Hollow Farm  (Farmer Tour Guide: Nate Chittenden) 

• 4th-6th grade tour - Will-O-Crest Farm (Farmer Tour Guide: Hannah Worden) 

• 7th-12th grade tour - JoBo Holstein Farm (Farmer Tour Guide: Joy Widerman) 

For a full list of our past Virtual Farm Tours, check out our YouTube Playlist.

Want more resources to enhance your Virtual Farm Tour or for in-home learning?

Dairy Lesson Plans

Check out our dairy lesson plans that meet Common Core standards. Find lesson plans on a variety of dairy farm topics like on-farm technology, how farms recycle, nutritional value of milk, and so much more. There are lesson plans available for Grades 2nd-12th at the link below:

Fun on the Farm Facebook Series

American Dairy Association North East hosts a weekly Fun on the Farm series everyday at 10 a.m. on our Facebook Page. Every week we partner with a different farmer to share their farm covering topics like; caring for calves, cow care, cow nutrition, milking and cooking with dairy. The series is geared toward grades Pre-K-3rd and episodes are 10 mins or less. 

Learn more about our past farmer hosts and their episodes at the links below:

Farm Fun with Farmer Katie – Cow Care

Farm Fun with Farmer Katie – Springtime on the Farm

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Jess – Farm Sing-along

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Lolly – How Dairy Products are Made

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Renee – Cooking with Dairy

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Johanna – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Kelsey – On-Farm Technology 

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Emily – Physical Activity Breaks

Fun on the Farm with the Kids of Snider Homestead – Kids on the Farm

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Jared – On-Farm Automation

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Katie - Cow Comfort in the Summer

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Nate - Kids on the Farm in the Summer

 Be sure to tune in to future episodes at our Facebook Page.

FAQ and Vocabulary Sheets

Click the links below to download our tour FAQ and Vocabulary Sheet for the Virtual Farm Tour. This document will help enhance the students' learning before and during the tour.

• FAQ and Vocabulary List for 7th - 12th Grade 

FAQ and Vocabulary List for Pre-K – 6th Grade 

Journey of Milk: Cow to Cup Video 

Want to see where milk goes when it leaves the farm? Check out American Dairy Association North East’s Cow to Cup video. At 4:20 you can see a milk processing plant firsthand.