Social Media Campaigns

We want you to join our campaigns! Use our badges, photos, and captions on your social media pages to help build confidence with consumers.  You can download, copy, and share any of the resources below – just be sure to use the hashtag #moovethemeesage when you post on your preferred platform.  Also, feel free to add your farm’s unique facts or use your own photos with our pre-made captions.

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Mobile Device

  • Click on photo and hold down, then select option to download photo to save to your device.
  • Click on caption, select entire paragraph to copy text.


  • Right click on photo and selection option to download photo to device.
  • Select entire paragraph and right click, select option to copy text.

June Dairy Month

Customize your own farm photos by downloading and adding our badges here!  New to making social media graphics? Try this free resource!

Did you know? Dairy farms are family-owned businesses in most cases! This June Dairy Month, support your local dairy farmers and enjoy the delicious and nutritious dairy products they produce. #MooveTheMessage #JuneDairyMonth#Undeniablydairy #FamilyFarms

Milk is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, essential nutrients for strong bones and a healthy body. Celebrate June Dairy Month by incorporating more milk into your diet! #MooveTheMessage #JuneDairyMonth#Undeniablydairy

This June Dairy Month, feel good about choosing dairy products that help reduce food waste and methane emissions in landfills! On our farms, up to one-third of a dairy cow’s diet comes from byproducts (share an example from your farm) which contributes to these reductions. #MooveTheMessage #JuneDairyMonth#Undeniablydairy

Dairy farmers work hard every day to care for their cows and produce high-quality milk. This June Dairy Month, celebrate their dedication and commitment to bringing dairy to our tables! #MooveTheMessage #JuneDairyMonth#Undeniablydairy #DairyFarmers #ThankAFarmer

Modern dairy farms use advanced milking technologies to ensure the comfort and well-being of the cows while producing high-quality milk. This June Dairy Month, learn more about the innovative practices on dairy farms!  #MooveTheMessage #JuneDairyMonth#Undeniablydairy #DairyTechnology #MilkingTime

Dairy farms are committed to sustainable practices to protect the environment. From manure management to water conservation, dairy farmers are constantly working to reduce their environmental footprint. This June Dairy Month, feel good about choosing dairy products from farms like ours! #MooveTheMessage #JuneDairyMonth #Undeniablydairy

Many dairy farms are family-owned businesses passed down through generations. This June Dairy Month, celebrate the hard work and dedication of dairy farm families! #MooveTheMessage #JuneDairyMonth#Undeniablydairy #FamilyFarms