Chocolate milk and Fuel Up to Play 60 were front and center at the New York State High School Football Coaches Association annual clinic last week, thanks to New York dairy farmers and ADA North East. Helping promote dairy was Buffalo Bills player Harrison Phillips who shared the importance of drinking milk and staying active to help reach peak athletic performance.

The 500 coaches were able to sample Upstate Niagara chocolate milk and enter a drawing to win a “Refuel with Chocolate Milk” branded weight room cooler, plus $250 to stock the cooler with chocolate milk.

“You coaches are the main source of nutrition information that high school kids are getting at a very crucial time, so continue to educate them as much as you can about good nutrition,” said Phillips to the group.

ADA North East’s sports nutrition and marketing program is geared to connecting with coaches and athletic directors that enables us to regularly share nutrition information with nearly 15,000 coaches. The Sports Nutrition Advisory Panel, a 16-member group of sports nutrition experts, develop nutrition content that is distributed regularly to them.