Dairy farmers George Andrew of El-VI Farm in Newark, N.Y., and Joy Widerman of Jo-Bo Holsteins in Gettysburg, Pa., hosts of previous ADA North East Virtual Farm Tours, were recently featured in a story about the tours in American Agriculturist.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the tours have gotten 200,000 new views, increasing the total to 234,700 views since March. ADA North East re-publicized the previous tours for families with kids at home looking for fun, educational content.

The Virtual Farm Tour program was launched in 2018 to provide teachers the opportunity to bring an operating dairy farm into their classrooms in real-time using live video chat technology to show how dairy farmers care for their cows, the environment and their local communities.

Dates and locations confirmed for Fall 2020

  • November 12 — JoBo Holsteins with Joy Widerman, Gettysburg, Pa.
  • November 17 — Will-O-Crest Farms with Hannah Worden, Clifton Springs, N.Y.
  • November 18 — Talview Dairy with Stacey Copenhaver, Lebanon, Pa.