The COVID-19 pandemic has distorted our everyday routines. And on a personal level, workout routines and nutrition plans have shifted dramatically.

Gyms and other public workout destinations are closed indefinitely. Personal trainers and registered dietitian nutritionists are conducting classes virtually. And with stay-at-home orders in place in many locales, nutrition at home has come into much greater focus.

This is especially true for athletes who still need to stay in peak condition and for the coaches who supervise them.

The American Dairy Association North East’s Sports Nutrition Advisory Panel (SNAP) is here to help.

Members of our SNAP panel, who include credentialed sports dietitians and strength coaches for collegiate and professional sports teams, have put together a series of videos with helpful and creative tips on using dairy for meals and snack as well as at home workouts.

Check out the videos below!

Heather Mangieri’s Quick Breakfast Tips

Heather tells us why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and gives tips to athletes on how to use dairy to make a quick breakfast to fuel the day.

Jessica Garay Redmond on Healthy Snacking at Home

Jessica shares a quick tip on using dairy for a healthy snack at home.

Leslie Bonci’s Pantry Staples

Leslie helps us prepare a cheesy meal packed with protein straight from simple ingredients found right in the pantry at home.

Jake Sankal on Incorporating Protein into Meals and Snacks

Jake tells us why protein is so important to us and how we can use dairy to incorporate protein into our snacks and meals.

Matt Darnell’s Tips for Using Milk Jugs in Home Training

Matt gives us tips on how you can use empty gallon milk jugs in creative ways during your workouts at home.