Doody Family
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Doody Family

Farmers in Union Bridge, MD

Doody Family

Wyndo Farm

Family Members: John and Michele Doody, and their children Ian and Julia.

Number of Milking Cows: 60

How long have you been involved in dairy farming?

Our dairy farm has been in the family for three generations, since my grandfather founded it in 1960. In 1993, after my grandfather’s stroke, the family had to sell the milk cows. We were able to keep some of the young animals and the property. My brother and I grew up around the animals and, when we were old enough to begin showing in 4-H, the farm began to expand. Last year, we put in a small milking system and now milk four show cows as well as caring for our herd of purebred and grade heifers.

What inspired you to become a dairy farmer?

My grandfather started working on a dairy farm when he was a teenager to support his large family. After he started his own farm, it was passed down through our family. I’m so glad I was able to grow up around animals; and working on the farm has taught me so much about being responsible.

What’s your favorite part about being a dairy farmer?

Although showing is definitely one of the best parts about having dairy cattle, the way dairy farming creates such a close-knit community of friends who are always willing to loan out a piece of machinery or share a table at a dinner is my favorite part.

Share your favorite farm family memory.

One of the best parts of farming is the close network of family and friends. I work with my brother almost all day when we are out of school in the summertime, which can test our cooperation skills and patience! However, the family aspect of farming is very strong. Even though I never met my grandfather, I have loved hearing stories about him pulling pranks on my grandma, such as when he was baling hay and found a dead snake, which he then tossed onto the windshield of my grandma’s truck as she came to bring lunch for him and the others.