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Hershey Family

Farmers in Cochranville, PA

Hershey Family

Ar-Joy Farm

Family Members: Duane and Marilyn Hershey and their children: Stephen, who lives in New York City; Kelby, who is in the Army, Robert and Kacie, who will be working at the farm this summer.

Number of Milking Cows: 675

Farm Awards: The 2018 Farmers of the Year award was presented to dairy farmers Duane and Marilyn Hershey of Ar-Joy Farms in Cochranville, Pa., for the installation of cutting-edge methane digester technology on their farm, as well as for their strong advocacy work on behalf of the dairy industry both locally and nationwide.

How long have you been involved in dairy farming?

All of my life. I grew up on a farm and married a farmer in 1984. We have been dairy farming ever since.

What inspired you to become a dairy farmer?

I love the farm life and knew it was the setting that I wanted to raise my family.

What’s your favorite part about being a dairy farmer?

I enjoy watching the earth wake-up in the early mornings and closing out the end of the day at sunset.

Share your farm family memory.

One of my favorite farm memories is when a calf was born in the meadow. My daughter, Kacie, and I had to bring her to the barn with the four-wheeler. I drove and spun through the mud too fast. The calf was covered in mud! But, we got her back to the barn safely and after cleaning the mud off her, made sure she was warm and content in her pen.

Questions answered by Marilyn Hershey.