Lesher Family
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Lesher Family

Farmers in Bernville, PA

Lesher Family

Way-Har Farms

Family Members: William and Lolly Lesher, and their children, Joshua, Jaylene, Laura and Olivia.

Number of Milking Cows: 230

Farm Awards:


What is one thing you love about being a dairy farmer?

We love working as a family. All of our children are deeply involved in not only the daily chores, but the growth and development of our cattle herd and farm activities. Each day is different and exciting.

Tell us about one or two hobbies or passions you (or your family) have outside of the farm

Showing purebred dairy cattle is a passion for our family, we show at four local fairs, and then show at the All-American Dairy Show as well. We also enjoy going to tractor pulls together!

Share your favorite farm family memory.

Each February, our family hosts a “Friends & Family Night,” at our farm market. We serve a light supper and encourage our guests to purchase a dessert. The proceeds from the sale of desserts or other items in the store go to a local 4-H club, dairy princess committee or other youth organization. This has become a great tradition to get neighbors and friends together and visit and to promote the fraternity of the dairy farm families.


Our ice cream is featured on the Pennsylvania Ice Cream Trail: #PursueYourScoops