Dairy plays a vital role in your health

Dairy’s nine essential nutrients and health benefits are backed by science. Get the latest health information and research on dairy nutrition. Topics covered include dairy’s critical role in sports and child nutrition, disease prevention, and improving overall diet quality. Learn the best ways to get the recommended 3-4 servings of nutrient-rich dairy into your diet every day.

Dietary Guidelines

The Dietary Guidelines encourage Americans to eat a healthful diet — one that focuses on foods and beverages that help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, promote health, and prevent disease. Learn more...


Did you know that milk products play a key role in health and well being? It’s true! The connection to bone health is pretty well-known, but in actuality, the health benefits of milk products go beyond bone health. Learn more...

Flavored Milk

Chocolate milk is a tasty way for kids to get the nutrition they need. ADANE is proud to provide this resource center with facts about Flavored Milk. Learn more...


Did you know that cheese can help you meet general daily nutrition recommendations and help close the gap on a nutrient that many people are missing in their diets? It’s true! Learn more...


We know that yogurt contains many essential nutrients such as calcium, protein and potassium—important for maintaining strong bones and healthy bodies. Learn more...

Lactose Intolerance Information

Some of the most common dairy questions involve confusion surrounding lactose intolerance, and how to ensure patients and clients can enjoy the delicious taste and nutrition benefits from the recommended three servings of low-fat and fat-free dairy foods every day. Learn more...

Farmer spotlight

Learn about our dairy farmers and their families

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Dietitian blog

Learn about the nutritional benefits of dairy