health benefits of chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is a tasty way for kids to get the nutrition they need and at home and at school.It can play a healthy role in your family's diet.

Learn more about the health benefits of dairy. See how we work to keep chocolate milk in schools.

Find delicious and nutritious recipes for the whole family!

Chocolate Milk Nutrition Resources

Chocolate Milk in schools

What happens when the choice of chocolate milk is taken away in schools? A Cornell study reveals the consequences.See how we work to keep milk and chocolate milk in our schools.

The Science of Refueling with chocolate Milk

Why is chocolate milk the perfect refuel beverage after a workout? How does it stack up against traditional refueling drinks? We have the answers.

Built With Chocolate Milk

See why so many athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors are switching to chocolate milk as their favorite post-workout refuel beverage.

A Pediatrician's Perspective on Flavored Milk

Pediatrician Dr. Robert D. Murray provides his point of view on children drinking flavored milk.

Chocolate milk is the most popular milk choice in schools and kids drink less milk, and get fewer essential nutrients, if it's taken away.

chocolate milk FAQ

Addresses questions about flavored milk, like the added sugars, nutritional value, and flavored milk's role in school nutrition programs.